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LED Lighting Solutions

LED Lighting Solutions

The typical Australian household will spend an average 10% of its energy usage for lighting in particular. Making the switch to energy efficient lights such as LED Lighting is among the easiest ways that homeowners can cut down on their energy consumption.

LED or Light Emitting Diode (LED) light bulb has made a significant leap over the last decade. LED's have led the way in revolutionizing the lighting industry with a much more efficient, long-lasting, energy efficient and cost-effective solution than the traditional incandescent bulb.

LED Lights can conserve as much as 85% of energy when compared to a conventional bulb of the same size and output. Furthermore, many LED's last for up to forty times more than traditional bulbs and 10 times larger than the compact fluorescents.

The cost of LED lighting has been reduced significantly in the last couple of years, and they continue to be the most cost-effective solution. Any extra expense is offset with the knowledge that you'll save energy in the in the long run as LED lights are able to last up to 20 years.

LED lights generally make use of 2-17 Watts of electricity. In contrast to traditional bulbs, the wattage does not tell you how the brightness of LED bulbs will be. To comprehend this you must examine the Lumen output, which is the measure in brightness.

LED's are also mercury-free as well. They emit around 10 times more carbon dioxide than halogen light bulbs.

Since they don't heat up when they're on and are more resistant to jarring and knocks over other lighting alternatives and are therefore a safer lighting option for the home.

There are numerous designs and styles available on the Australian market. Some of the most prominent suppliers in LED lighting include: SAL, CLA Lighting, Brilliant Lighting, and Phillips.

The following is a listing that we have made of our top five selling LED bulbs in the five most popular categories for buying.

1 Best of Tech - AGM Electrical Supplies Systems

Amazing lighting 9 Watts AGM Electrical SOURCES Lights with LED dimming Globe with E27 Connector & Adjustable RGB

2 Best Sellers lamp ES

SAL 9 Watt 36mm Tubular LED Lamp with ES/E27 Connection 4000K

3 Most Popular BC lamp

SAL 9 Watt 36mm Tubular LED Lamp with BC/B22 Connection 4000K

4 Best Fancy Lamps

Brilliant Lighting 6 Watt Moon Beam LED Lamp with B22/BC Connection 2700k Warm White

5 Best Energy Saving Lamp

SAL 12 Watt PAR 38 LED Lamp with ES/E276 Connection 6000K